TC Farm Milk.
Organic. Grass Fed. Pasture Raised. Amazing.

Introducing TC Farm Milk

TC Farm is passionate about sharing our connection with nature and our partnership with the animals under our care. We gather eggs, harvest grains, bake bread and look after the land we call home. It took years to get here but now: We proudly offer TC Farm milk!

With our own herd, we understand what it takes to raise the very best milk: Tending to cows twice a day. 365 days a year. Ensuring they have fresh green pasture all summer and perfectly harvested hay in the winter.

The reward? Amazing milk like no other!

What Makes TC Farm Milk Special?

Raised on Pasture

Our cows are raised on actual green pasture.

Most store bought grass-fed milk, even the organic stuff, is still raised on a feedlot.

Our cows are rotationally grazed which means our farmers move around with them to ensure they get fresh new grass when grazing while the stuff they've been grazing on gets a chance to regrow. Pretty great for them. Pretty great for the land. Pretty great for you!

Lower temperature pasteurization

Something else that's a pretty big deal about TC Farm milk is our lower temperature pasteurization, at 161º for 15 seconds. Most grocery store milk is pressure cooked at 280º so that it can sit in grocery storerooms shelves for up to 60 days.

Our fresher milk and lower temperature pasteurization maximizes flavor and nutrition vs. that grocery milk.

Certified Organic

TC Farm milk is certified organic!

And not just organic: Farmer Wayne, who is raising our cows, has a herd that is transitioning to be A2 cows. But not quite 100% yet.

Many people who don’t tolerate cow milk are sensitive to the typical A1 protein but are not sensitive to lactose. Those people can tolerate A2 milk. This is a big deal!

Two Different Kinds of TC Farm Milk

Full Fat Milk

The fat content for TC Farm whole milk will vary between 3.5% and 4%, depending upon the season. Some times of year like summer will have higher fat content than others.

(Grocery “whole milk” is closer to 3%.)

2% Milk

Our 2% milk contains 2% fat.

Vitamins A and D have been added to the milk as is required for all 2% milk.

Drink TC Farm Milk = Save the Planet?

Well, maybe not the whole planet. Not all at once. But did you know:

Rotationally grazing our dairy cows actually builds topsoil. Tons of carbon is pulled out of the air and sequestered into the ground. Animals rotationally grazed have a net negative green house gas emission.

Most grass-fed and organic dairy comes from huge feedlots where the carbon emissions are through the roof.

By choosing TC Farm milk, you are helping offset some of the emissions from traditional agriculture.