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Whole Roast Chicken With Thyme

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, whole chicken

This roasted chicken recipe is finger licking good! Plus, it comes together super quickly and is almost impossible to mess up. My favorite kind of recipe.

Brown Butter with Sage

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian, sauces

Traditionally this Italian classic is used as a sauce for ravioli, gnocchi, and tortellini and can be made more complex by adding sausage, parmesan and breadcrumbs!

Holding the Line on Prices

Posted by Jack McCann

You don't need us to tell you. Food is more expensive in the grocery store lately. TC Farm has been holding the line on our prices. We go into more detail about what we've done, why our members aren't as affected by the price increases seen elsewhere and more.

Charred Cabbage with Sweet & Savory Fish Sauce

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian

A super unique way to eat cabbage, perfect for when you are sick of the classic cabbage recipes. Another Molly Baz favorite!

Peanut Butter, Celery and Pork Noodles

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, ground pork

Once pot pasta inspired by Molly Baz's recipe that is sooo yummy and creamy.

Farmer Ben's Favorite Aronia Berry Smoothie

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, vegetarian

Simple but yummy smoothie with a unique local fruit.

Aronia Berry Syrup

Posted by Eli Crain | Tags: recipes, sauces, vegetarian

Quick, easy, and delicious! Perfect for topping all sorts of deserts and flavoring summer cocktails!

Spotlight on Smoked and Rosemary Brats

Posted by Jack McCann

We thought we'd share a little more about TC Farm Smoked Brats and Rosemary Brats - what makes them so great along with some tips for cooking them!