The Magnificent Mango

Posted on Jul 23, 2021 by Jack McCann
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​Mango Season!

Mangos are a high risk/high reward fruit. A well ripened mango tastes amazing and there is just nothing that can compare. Not all turn out perfect and that can be a bummer. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid buying somewhere random people may have prematurely “tested” a bunch of mangos and bruised them.
  • Buy several at once so you can test along the way to perfect ripeness.
  • Store in a paper bag on the counter until you can gently press the top and feel a little give.
  • Test one by eating: if its super good, then put the others in the fridge. If it still has a day or two to go, wait longer.
  • Like other counter ripened fruits, once ripe it will store in the fridge for quite a while. Use the low humidity/fruit drawer.

It usually takes only a couple of days in a bag on the counter for them to ripen, speed them up by adding a banana to the bag.

How to cut a mango

If ripening a mango is half the battle, knowing how to properly cut one is its better half.

We will make our own guide at some point, but in the meantime, here is a link to a darn good guide sponsored by the mango trade group.

The linked article talks about all things mango, how to tell if it is ripe, how to cut and more. Basically full on mango propaganda.

Featured Recipe

Hover over / click the image below of our favorite chicken/mango recipe to view the recipe. Yum!

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