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Picanha Roast

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Posted on Jul 15, 2021 by Jack McCann
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Introducing: Picanha Roast

Picanha Roast is a traditional Brazilian beef roast that is great for making steaks out of.

This cut is ideal for smoking or grilling, either in a traditional Brazilian "skewer" method or as you would cook prime rib. It comes from the top sirloin cap.

We like to smoke it as a whole roast for an hour and then cut along the grain to make steaks, then sear the steaks on a hot buttered pan to get to 128ยบ before resting and slicing across the grain to serve. (The photos below show the last time we did that for both of our parents. Great for serving to larger groups.)

After smoking, before sear

sliced along the grain

searing in hot buttered pan

after sear, resting before slicing across the grain

We only have limited quantities for now but you can add to your next delivery if the portal shows it as still available.

Picanha Beef Roast

2.6 lbs avg

Box 268

A brazilian specialty

One Picanha roast (some may receive a bag of smaller roasts)

The Picanha beef roast is a Brazilian specialty. It is ideal for smoking or grilling either in a traditional Brazilian "skewer" method or as you would cook prime rib. 

Serve some amazing steaks to a hungry group which appreciates great food. 

This roast comes from the top sirloin cap. 

This is a flat rate box, since it is a single whole roast, weights will vary.

These are from steers that are either grass fed or barley finished (gluten free).

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