Leaving an International Consulting Career to Raise Chickens

Grab some popcorn! This one is totally worth watching!

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 by Jack McCann
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The Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club recently asked Jack to share with its members about TC Farm.

The conversation was fun and engaging - what a great group to visit with! The whole Zoom meeting took just over a half hour.

Some of the topics:

  • Jack's career before starting TC Farm and why he left consulting to create better food
  • What you can do to find great food
  • Some of the things to watch out for when shopping
  • Artificially colored egg yolks in the grocery
  • How to make cooking fun!

We made a short two minute trailer to give you a taste because a 23 minute long video is daunting. Admit it. You're thinking that to yourself right now. "23 minutes?!"

So worth it.

You get a sneak peak into how TC Farm started. WHY TC Farm started. Some great insight into the state of things today. Things you can ask about your food. Plus some Rotarians asked some really good questions of their own.

Let's face it - It might not be The Mandalorian or the Great British Baking Show - but the next time you find yourself wondering what to watch, grab some popcorn and watch the whole thing. It's totally worth it!


Full Presentation

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