Recipes - Week of February 8th

Week 4 of our Four Week 2020 Kick-off Meal Plans

Posted on Feb 05, 2020 by Jack McCann
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A lot of our recipes over the last four weeks have been fairly simple: just get quality ingredients and let the food shine.

The way we raise our food is so different than what you can buy in the grocery or on some internet order site. Those organizations are designed to sell food -- we are setup to raise food, really good food.

They have pretty photos that make customers think they know how the food was grown -- we publish fully transparent standards for everyone to know exactly how well our animals are cared for.

I hope you enjoy these last few 2020 kick-off recipes. Please feel free to browse our other meal plans or entire collection of recipe ideas anytime!

Thai Peanut Pasta

This is a go-to staple meal that everyone seems to love. We really like to make a double or triple batch.

(Remember to click the images to view the recipes)

Tamale Pie

Tamales are amazing - so good, but really: too much work to make on a regular basis (try it sometime!)

This tamale pie is the perfect solution. We love it !

Breakfast burritos 

These are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you've still got some breakfast sausage around, give this a shot! (I actually order the 'breakfast sausage' box every month so we don't run out.)

Did you know that breakfast sausage was the first sausage recipe we ever worked out? It is so good!

Fancy Franks And Beans

I am cheating a little bit using this recipe because while I was away for the week, Betsy made a big batch of this for her food last week. She has been so busy that's been most of her lunches and dinners all week.

It is good enough to literally eat all week, you totally should give it a try!

Tortilla Chip Egg Scramble

This is a super easy, fast meal we make all the time.

It is really good with our pepperoni as shown in the video - just sear it until crispy and you'll have a meal in minutes.

I like to garnish with sour cream if we have some around. Also a dash of chipotle or smoked paprika doesn't hurt.

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