Recipes - Week of February 1

All sorts of fun things to share with others this week!

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 by Jack McCann
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Super Wings

Sunday is a great day to eat wings.

If you have our pre-smoked wings, you are in luck! Most of them have been reserved by Tullibee restaurant and they are amazing there!

For those with fresh wings, here are a couple of recipes you can enjoy!

If you have a smoker and sous vide, I recommend trying the smoked recipe instead of the crockpot recipe. You can still make the buffalo sauce and put it on the smoked drumsticks.

Chicken Coconut Soup

Start off the week with one of our favorite soups. I'd use the drumsticks for the chicken. If you have our pre-smoked drumsticks, all the better.

Nice to make this for lunch on Sunday and/or for leftovers through the week. Consider putting the chicken in to cook overnight on Saturday and then use the crockpot on Sunday morning to start the pork recipe below.

Remember to click the images in order to view the recipes

Pulled Pork and seasoned rice

This is also a great one to make a double batch of. The seasoned rice is really nice, check out the video to see how easy it is to make.

Bockwurst Egg Bake

If you have a package of our amazing bockwurst, this is a great recipe to use them in. Otherwise any of our sausages work well too!

This recipe is set up for pre-cooked sausages. If you are using raw sausages, be sure to sear or at least par-cook them first.

Flatbread and spread

This is one of our favorite meals - it is really simple and the fresh bread is just outstanding.

Never made bread like this before? Or any bread? Come on, you CAN... totally worth it!

Just be sure to include some pasture raised and organic seasoned deli meats - I recommend the pepperoni, ham and summer sausage for starters.

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