Recipes - Week of January 25th

Posted on Jan 24, 2020 by Jack McCann
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This week we're going to try and get into a routine and get a decent amount of food cooked over the weekend that will make the week easy and tasty!

We'll start with the squash soup and the butter chicken over the weekend. Then as we need to, whip up some of the faster weekday recipes.

Squash Soup

I'll make a larger batch of soup so we have leftovers and it saves time...

Remember to click the images to see the full recipe.

Butter Chicken

Hey, I get it, the photo isn't all that appealing, but this meal is fantastic - I just love butter chicken!

Rosemary brats and veggies

I plan to make these on Tuesday night, but really you could make them any time you need a quick and easy meal that makes some leftovers if you prep enough veggies.

The sugar-free rosemary brats are great with veggies. The trick to pan-frying amazing vegetables is to add a good amount of fat so they can caramelize and not burn.

It is super easy. Sear the brats and veggies in the same pan if you wish, faster veggies like the Brussels Sprouts* shown can probably be started at the same time as the brats. Heartier veggies, like carrots, I would start the veggies first and then add the brats to sear.

* Fun fact: editing this article today, I learned that they are referred to as Brussels Sprouts and not brussel sprouts as I've called them all my life, due to the fact that they were cultivated in Belgium in the 16th century. Spent more time reading up on that than I'd planned! Still doesn't sound right to me but there you have it.

Instant Carnitas

If you have some of our 48-hour pulled pork or beef, these are fantastic and easy to make.

You can also make them with pulled chicken, ground beef or really any other tender meats you'd like to try.

I really like the taco seasoning recipe I made up, check it out and let me know what you think!

Croque Madame

These are a little extra work, I scheduled it for Friday as a special dinner. But man, it really is amazing how GOOD food can be with just simple high quality ingredients.

I hope you have some of our bread still and the sliced organic ham!

These also make for fantastic leftovers (skipping the egg if bringing to work or something)

Chops and Veggies

On Saturday, we're going to get a nice glass of white wine and pan fry some amazing pork chops. Nothing fancy, just fried in butter with some sea salt.

A few roasted veggies and we'll be happy campers!

Here is an article with some pork chop cooking tips.

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