Recipes - Week of January 18

Our first healthy whole food meal plan for 2020!

Posted on Jan 15, 2020 by Jack McCann
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We're going to start off the weekend by preparing some extra food for the week. Many dishes taste better as leftovers and we all need a quick healthy meal during a busy week!

Bonus Challenges:

  • No sugar or sweeteners this week -- some of the processed meats have a small amount of sugar - we're not trying to be legalistic here, but avoid adding syrup or other sweeteners to things. For sure nothing like a soda.
  • No Caffeine - Caffeine makes it really hard to eat well. It makes my body crave sugars and quick energy.

If you haven't gone no-sweeteners and no caffeine before, you'll probably feel slower than normal this week -- but hang in there -- if you stick with it, you'll have more baseline 'all day' energy soon!

Lazy Barboca

One of our members loved this recipe so much she submitted it to be shared with others in our group. Starting off the New Year with easy, warm and healthy food is divine!

Make this on Saturday or Sunday and save as many extras as you can for the week. If you have a larger family, consider making two batches!

Rice or Pasta Smoked Brat Soup

Another easy dish to start things off: Use our pre-made soup base and precooked brats for a surprisingly fantastic meal.

Chicken Thighs & Veggies

I love how amazing our slow-growth and pasture-raised chicken thighs taste - even if you're not a 'dark meat lover', you might find yourself surprised at how good these are.

Again, super simple: only high quality ingredients with a bit of salt and seasoning.

You can cook the thighs on a grill or smoker, but simply frying them in a well buttered pan skin side down for most of the time yields great results. Check out the article to the right/below for more tips.


I also recommend keeping the sides simple. Simply chop some carrots and broccoli or cauliflower and then fry those in a well buttered large pan or skillet over medium high heat. Don't touch them until the first side is caramelized exactly how you'd like it. Then stir to get additional sides.

I recommend medium to medium-high heat. Don't skip on the fats (butter or coconut oil are best here).

You can also roast them in the oven if you use enough fat to get a good sear on the veggies. I set my oven to around 375-400 on convect roast. Takes about 20 minutes or so. Again, resist the urge to stir them until they are how you'd like

Here is a meal plan where I did something similar for a simple ground beef and veggie meal.

Korean Beef Bowl

Another great meal to make a double batch of and save leftovers - simply put half away for another day!


Friday night pizza party!

You'll love our organic seasoned pepperoni or other pizza toppings. If you have some of our organic heritage wheat sourdough crusts, you're in luck. Otherwise, try to make Jack's Famous Flat Bread as a crust (Divine!)

Making this sauce ahead of time in a triple batch is a great idea. You can pull it out of the freezer anytime for pizza night faster than ordering delivery!

Pork, Mushroom and Tomato Pasta

This is also easy, but has a few more ingredients, you can speed things up by pre-cutting the veggies ahead of time. We try to pre-chop most of our produce on the weekend to be ready for meals and the kids' lunches. Check out this article with some kids' lunch tips!

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