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Posted on Aug 10, 2019 by Jack McCann
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We are making meals we can save up for the future this week and also prepping for camping next week.

As always, we will use weekend time to chop a bunch of veggies and fruits so we have easy healthy food to grab for snacks and lunch- this time I am packing into individual bags for quick camping stacks.

We'll also sous steaks to re-freeze and bring on the camping trip as well as making a ton of pancakes to freeze for the trip and future breakfasts.

Pasta Carbonara with Green Beans

This is good with our no-sugar herb bacon (you can find at Seward Coop!) or our traditional American bacon.

I like the herb bacon a lot in recipes - if you miss the sweetness, just add some of your own sugar to the dish. I love having zero nitrates since the herb bacon doesn't use the celery powder.

(remember to click the images to view recipes)

Herb Bacon- Sugar Free

2.2 lbs avg

Box 148

Sugar Free Bacon To Die For

2 packs of our European style, sugar free herb bacon. 

You'll want to buy this bacon just so you can save the fat to fry your eggs or veggies in.  Outstanding and so GOOD for you! 

Our herb bacon is and sugar-free (no sweeteners) and also 100% nitrate free (no celery powder). Best to use them within a week of thawing just like any pre-cooked items.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box.

Click here to view ingredients

Pizza of the Month

We have some of last month's mushrooms we dried that we're going to use as part of this month's pizza -- we love Italian sausage on pizza and thought the two would go together well.

It is nice to have a simple organic Italian sausage around the house - easy to pull out of the freezer and fry in a pan to make crumbles (even if we don't plan ahead and cook it from frozen!)

Buckwheat Cakes with Smoked Salmon Dill Sauce

Here is a fun idea that Betsy found/made up. We think using the crepe variation would work better for this salmon dish, but the cakes are good by themselves.

A nice summer lunch or dinner, consider a bottle of chardonnay to go with it.

Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts

This is a great summer chicken meal.

While our red ranger chicken breasts would taste better, using the cornish breed would make for a larger stuffed breast.

Which do you prefer?

Grilled steaks with truffled green beans and toasted pine nuts

I need to pre-cook some steaks for camping to make the trip more enjoyable, so this weekend we will sous vide a big batch and freeze some to sear off at camp and others we will eat for dinner.

I am using just the tenderloins and rib-eye cap steaks because I want to splurge. I've included a link to those items here for a future order if you're interested. The Ribeye Cap is my absolute favorite steak.

Roasting green beans in a hot oven with some olive oil is easy. Then adding a quick drizzle of truffle oil makes for a quick and delicious side dish - I love adding some toasted pine nuts on top too!

Or there is aways bacon and beans - see the recipe to the right / below:

Tender Steaks

2.63 lbs avg

Box 216

The Premier Steaks

Three packs of the very best steaks:
  • Tenderloin
  • Ribeye cap steaks

If you are not familiar with ribeye cap steaks, they are better than tenderloin. Thin like flank steaks with great flavor and the tenderest steak. Not every package will have a ribeye cap steak as there are only a few per steer.

This is a flat rate box and is priced per box for the three packs. The weight will vary.


I can't tell you how happy I am with these pancakes. I love making them for guests because they are always surprised at how good pancakes can be.

Besides the recipe, the trick is to have a hot pan with a fair amount of butter for frying. These freeze well, so make a ton at once like we are this week!

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