Recipes - Week of July 13

Posted on Jul 11, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Weekend Prep

I gotta be honest, it is my birthday and I am exhausted after the long delivery week and getting ready for the Farm tour on Saturday.

I am SO grateful that last weekend I prepped all of the week's produce, it made a huge difference. All the carrots we have cutup, cucumbers, red-peppers... and those grapes were all pulled off the stem and sorted so that any with blemishes were eaten right away while the others stored all week without going bad.

It worked so well that we have a lot of produce ready to get us through this busy weekend and it gives me hope that during the week I can replenish our produce.

It has been a LIFE SAFER this week to have all that stuff ready to go!

So this weekend, I am just going to survive and not really prepare much. Hopefully you can do better!

I would suggest making the quiche and chicken since those make decent leftovers and making sure that YOUR produce is prepped for easy meals, sides and snacks.

We will survive the weekend on bread from new bread CSA with cheese and wine.... best to you!

Breakfast for Dinner - Quiche 

This is a fantastic quiche, really easy and super good - try it out!

(Remember to click the image for the recipes)

Moroccan Style Roast Chicken

I love having cinnamon with a chicken dish. Try to get real cinnamon, it makes a huge difference.

Warm and Serve Ribs

If you didn't get the warm and serve ribs this month, you are missing out. Summer is the perfect time for these (although I love them in the winter too). Recently we had 5 packs up north and fed everyone in about 30 min - just a huge meal without any work.

Gotta Have It Pate

We used to make pate' all the time. Our kids ate it nearly every day because we wanted them to have the extra nutrient content of the liver (and they love it).

But we got busy and kind of fell off the wagon - so we ordered some new packs of chicken liver and will be making these up to go with our tasty bread!

Burger Variation

It is summer, so clearly we love grilling out - here is a link to some hamburger ideas we hope you enjoy!


I have been dying to cook with the gooseberries we got this week in our fruit share - but I haven't had a chance.

However, rather than waiting for a video and formal recipe, I thought I'd share my plan:

  1. Caramelize 1 onion in a decent amount of butter
  2. Add 1 cup of cream and reduce a bit, almost burning the cream, but for sure deglazing the pan
  3. Add in the gooseberries and a small amount of sort of herbs - maybe mint?
  4. Cook until smashed
  5. Puree with an immersion blender (or in a larger blender if needed)
  6. Serve over pork chops or some other fatty dish like tuna or even a steak.

Look, you could add the traditional sugar to this, but the gooseberries have such a fantastic tart flavor, I'd skip the sugar. Add a bit of honey at the end as a garnish on the overall dish if needed, but try it without the sugar first.

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