Recipes - Week of July 6

Posted on Jul 04, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Weekend Prep

This weekend:

  1. Make a double batch of the Korean Beef bowl to have for a dinner and the week
  2. Make the Ragout for dinner one night
  3. While you are caramelizing the onions for the Ragout, make a couple of extras to have for the weekday brat dinner. We'd caramelize the brat onions MORE than for the Ragout, so you can pull off the ones for the Ragout when they are how you'd like and keep going with the brat onions to save in the fridge before completing the Ragout recipe.
  4. Have lots of chopped veggies ready for quick summer lunches and snacks

Moroccan Ragout

This Moroccan Ragout is a great vegetarian meal or can be used as a fun side dish to have throughout the week.

We plan to have it as a main dish, and use the leftovers with our grilled thighs as the side.

Grilled Brats and caramelized onions

It is summer and there is nothing like our grilled brats with slow caramelized onions.

We've found that if we rush the onions, our kids don't like them, but when they are done well it is a big hit.

Here is a video of how to get it just right. For brats, I wouldn't have them diced so small, but instead do think slices of onions (less cutting time)

The important thing with caramelizing onions is using a lot of butter (more than you think) and being patient.

You can use higher heat at the beginning to speed things along, but be sure to lower it down a bit towards the end.

Oven Pancake - Pannekoeken 

This is a staple in our house. When we've really nailed this recipe, it is crazy good - we usually make a double batch in two pans at once.

With our summer eggs it is a nice yellow color and it is nice to know that color comes without artificial colorants like the grocery eggs.

(Remember to click image to get the recipe)

Grilled Chicken Thighs

Consider using our moroccan chicken seasoning with the thighs or just grill them to perfection using a good thermometer and following our chicken thigh tips.

(Remember to click image to get the recipe)

Korean Beef Bowl

This is an easy recipe to make a bunch extra of for the week or to freeze for a future week.

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