Kitchen Scales Are The Best

Posted on Mar 31, 2017 by Jack McCann
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If you love cooking or WANT to love cooking, you should have a kitchen scale. They make it so much easier with much less cleanup. Plus it is a great excuse to bake some cookies.

In some recipes it is really important to be accurate, but usually the best part about having a scale is that:

Kitchen scales save you time

Imagine, instead of measuring out any type of ingredient, you can just put a bowl on top of the scale and pour or scoop it in until the right amount has been added.

  • No measuring cups to mess with
  • No spatulas to scrape out the measuring cups with
  • No cleaning of those frivolous items
  • AND it is way faster to boot!

I love it so much that I have been converting many of our recipes to be in grams instead of volume. It is just SO much less work.

Here are three scales to consider. We currently use the Maestro one, but had previously used both of the others.

I think from an accuracy standpoint, they are both about the same, but the Maestro one is SO nice to have because:

  • easier to read the display, especially with a large bowl on top (the faceplate removes)
  • micro-scale built-in for small measurements.
  • larger capacity (compared to smaller one)
  • more unit options and easier to change between them


  • NEVER let your scale get overloaded beyond its rated capacity. This means don't lean on it, or carry it funny or let kids push down on it. This can permanently break the scale.
  • Use that tare button all the time. I like to tare after every ingredient so it is simple to know how much to add (another reason I like the larger one, better access to buttons) ("Tare" means to zero or reset your scale.)

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