Egg Labels and what they Really Mean

Posted on Dec 25, 2015 by Jack McCann
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Animal Welfare Approved. Free-Range. Cage-Free... sometimes all those terms sound the same.  You know you want to find the right kind of eggs from a chicken that was raised well but there really is a big difference between what all those different words mean.  Vox did an interesting write-up of what all those different egg labels mean and what to consider when looking for when buying eggs. 

They present a little known, but valid, argument that factory farmed organic can be considered worse than conventional. Farmers really need to operate way beyond the organic standard to move the needle. 

Cage-free sounds nice but you will still have birds who never get to see the sky. Certified Humane is better, but it is anything but humane. The Animal Welfare Approved standard we subscribe to is much more protective and also results in a healthier egg. 

A great quote:

The most rigorous animal welfare certification program when it comes to eggs is Animal Welfare Approved...But AWA-approved eggs can be hard to come by. There aren't any stores selling AWA eggs within a 15 mile radius of Washington, DC, for example.

Be sure to check out the article on to learn more.

We're really thoughtful about how we raise our hens and proud to be able to display the Animal Welfare Approved label on our eggs.

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