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September 6-8 Delivery

The first of the local apples are in! Local Apples, pears, onions, broccoli, peppers and more area in this week's shares!

August 29-31 Delivery

Lots of amazing local produce in ALL of this weeks shares! Juicy cantaloupe, pears, potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini and so much more!

August 22-24 Delivery

August is bursting with local produce! Poblano peppers, juicy melons, potatoes, cauliflower, squash and more are in this week's shares!

August 15-17 Delivery

Local yellow and Orange watermelons, carrots, tomatillos, peppers and more in this week's shares!

August 8-10 Delivery

August is tomato season! Local Red and yellow cherry tomatoes, tart aronia berries, green cabbage, broccoli, fennel and more in this week's shares!