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Oven Fries

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, sides

Oven fries. So easy to make and a great side to go with so many dishes!

Cancer and Red Meat - WHO study

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: health, news, hormones, cancer, newsletter

Last month the World Health Organization made big news talking about the correlation between red meat consumption and cancer. This was no surprise to us, we've been saying that eating the meat commonly available causes cancer for years! Here's what YOU need to know.

Pineapple Pulled Pork

Posted by Josh King | Tags: main dish, pork, recipes, roast

This pulled pork is fantastic, super easy... sweet from the pineapple, but not TOO sweet, no added sugar.

Kohlrabi, carrots and mint

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: recipes, old blog, vegetarian, 10-05-2021

We get so many great veggies from the veggie CSA we belong to. There are always items in the box that are a little unfamiliar though. We found a couple great ways to use them. Try this side dish for a vegetable you might not know as well...

The Allure of a Warm Garage

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: farm, old blog

Just a cute story about a chicken and a cat who both decide one day that the garage is much more interesting than the barn...

Sunrise and Moonrise

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: farm, old blog

Just a couple of pictures to show how rewarding it can be to start and end your day on a farm

Signs of Spring

Posted by Jack McCann | Tags: farm, old blog

After a long, hard winter you begin to lose faith that spring will ever come. This morning, we took the time to note a few things that prove spring is just around the corner.