TC Farm Welcomes Kristin

Posted on Feb 07, 2022 by Jack McCann
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TC Farm Welcomes Kristin + Pearson Organics Members!

After working for amazing farmers around the country, Kristin wanted to start her own farm. She began Pearson Organics in 2017 and has served hundreds of members of her produce CSA over the years.

In 2021 Kristin and her husband Neal decided to start a family and needed to make some lifestyle choices, which included discontinuing her CSA program. It was an extremely difficult decision, as she loves farming and nourishing our community.

When a farming friend (who is also a farmer for TC Farm) suggested she consider farming as part of TC Farm, she saw it as an opportunity to continue to serve Pearson Organics members and keep her hands in the dirt.

Working as part of TC Farm means she can continue doing what she loves: Farming.

As our newest TC Farm farmer, Kristin will raise food for our produce CSA.

Working together to change the local food system

When Betsy and I started our hobby farm, I wanted to just do it all myself. I wanted to know every detail and touch every grain I fed to my chickens or ground by hand into my sourdough. Like many other farmers, I started off furiously independent and at times a bit too idealistic for my own good.

Over the years I have come to realize that to have real impact... to really change the local food system for the better, we need more than one or two people working from dawn to dusk at harvest time and beyond. We need many people working in concert, each focusing on their best work and supporting the others in turn. We need everyone to have a sustainable lifestyle so they can continue their work for a rewarding lifetime of feeding our community.

TC Farm members make it possible for us to raise and make food better than is available anywhere else. Our farms literally are building top soil, sequestering carbon and creating sustainable livelihoods from the Minnesota prairies.

I love seeing what our members, farmers, food makers and TC Farm staff have built... the last couple of years especially has been so incredible to watch. I hope we get a bit more free time this year to share everything that has happened!

Today I am thrilled to welcome Kristen as the newest TC Farmer. It is so inspiring to hear her passion and idealism. TC Farm members have already enjoyed some of Kristin's produce in our January shares, but we look forward to her focusing on just the varieties she loves and pouring all of Pearson Organics energy into those crops this summer. Look for herbs, tomatoes, melons, STRAWBERRIES and more from Kristin!

As we build out and customize our produce offering, Kristin's experience, partnership and collaboration will be so helpful.


Founding Farmer

Comments (3)

  1. Wendy Grandlienard:
    Feb 08, 2022 at 12:06 PM

    I am SO excited to follow Kristin to your farm!!!

  2. Jack McCann:
    Feb 08, 2022 at 12:36 PM

    We are excited too - I think it will be a great partnership !

  3. Sarah Musty:
    Feb 12, 2022 at 01:56 PM

    We were so sad to lose the Pearson CSA after a few years with them, and had shifted to get our produce from TC Farm, as we have been happy customers here for awhile. So excited to have the best of both worlds and support local farmers!!

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