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Weekly organic produce, delivered right to our members' doors

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 by Jack McCann
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Starting this spring, TC Farm began offering weekly organic produce, delivered right to our members' doors.

A traditional CSA requires each individual farmer to grow 40 or 50 varieties of crops on their land. The harvest for all of these is different. The care required is different too. Almost nobody has land that is ideally suited for potatoes and broccoli since they thrive best in opposite soil types.

By working with many different farmers and farms who can focus on raising more specific crops (and with a guaranteed market for those crops) we can be more effective AND raise higher quality food. If one farm's land isn't ideal for potatoes, we won't have them raise mediocre potatoes when other farms might be ideally suited for the crop!

We've been purposeful in reaching out to women and BIPOC farmers to support under represented groups as part of our CSA. Some of our farms are well established and others are newer and we've been working with them since last year.

We've worked to curate all the staples you'd expect. But we've also included fun things to try like different berries, specialty veggies and other treats.

Not everything our members eat can come from Minnesota. In order to provide a well rounded produce share and avoid overloading our members with loads of radishes and greens in the spring and mountains of squash in the fall, we've also included out of state produce to round out some deliveries.

Start getting TC Farm Weekly Produce Deliveries!

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