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Salmon Burgers

June = Grill season. Give your grill something to feel great about!

Posted on May 24, 2021 by Jack McCann
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These salmon patties come to us from Superior Fresh. They are two to a pack, come organic seasoned and can go straight from frozen to your grill and be ready in 10 minutes. Summer is here! Add some to your next delivery!

Salmon Burgers

2.5 lbs avg

Box 603

Organic seasoned fish from Superior Fresh

10 salmon burgers (2 per pack)

  • Organic Seasoning
  • Organic Fed Salmon from Superior Fresh
  • 10 Minutes from frozen to good eats

These are great for a quick meal! The package says to cook to 165º. You can get the same safety by cooking to 140º-145º and maintaining that temperature for 5 minutes.

We enjoy pan frying over medium heat with a fair amount of olive oil or butter.

Read here about why after years of being a "wild only" family, we decided well-raised farmed fish could be better than wild-caught.

Brioche Hamburger Buns

1.5 lbs avg

Box 824

The perfect pairing for your burger!

8 organic brioche hamburger buns

Made custom for TC Farm members by Backwards Bread! 

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