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Posted on Jan 04, 2021 by Jack McCann
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Cheese is amazing! Well made cheese is like nothing else, and it deserves your care.

Artisan cheeses are alive and fermenting - continually aging and improving flavor. Some styles are best quickly, others might not peak for ten years!

Here are some tips to enjoy your cheese and ensure proper high-quality storage in your fridge:

  • Avoid plastic wrap
    Plastic wrap doesn't breathe and will disrupt the aging proces of artisan cheeses. Younger cheeses are especially sensitive to being covered in plastic.
  • Avoid wedges
    Unless you plan to eat the entire wheel, cut the cheese in slices to make it easier to re-wrap in the original packaging.
  • Age your cheese
    The Alemar style cheeses we deliver are fresh. So they are young and mild. If you keep them in the original package, you can age them to your liking. We have a wheel of Bent River that's been in our fridge aging for two months and is just getting to its peak. Check out the "made on date" with your package and track at what age you prefer to enjoy them before opening.
  • Room temp
    Allow your cheeses to come to room temperature.
  • Once Open
    If properly wrapped, you'll be able to keep high-quality cheeses for several weeks after opening.
  • Cheeses without special wrapping
    If your cheese was originally packaged in plastic, it is a different style and no longer fermenting. We prefer to re-package those in silicone bags so it is re-usable and doesn't waste plastic.


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