September Apples

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Posted on Aug 22, 2020 by Jack McCann
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September Apples

Not all local food is good food, but good produce is always local. This is never more apparent than with early season apples like these. These varieties don’t last months in storage like supermarket varieties require (they can’t be shipped from warehouse to warehouse). These apples will be picked in the next week or so and delivered to you.

Early season apples are generally fairly delicate and can bruise easily. So handle gently. Keep them in the fridge to maximize your shelf life.

Our Apples for September

We will be mixing three varieties of early apple into the bags: Pristine, William's Pride and State Fair.

If you asked to get apples, we've already added them to your next delivery.

Otherwise, you can still add them but quantities are limited and we definitely expect to run out.

Log-in and add to your cart today. If any apples remain available on August 28th, we will make them available to the waitlist members.

Types of Apples

Pristine: This yellow apple is rather delicate. A crisp, juicy apple with enough sweetness to balance the other tart flavors. Best to eat within 4 weeks (but does store at acceptable quality for up to 8-10 weeks)

Williams Pride: Deep red apple that is sweet with floral undertones. Flavors may improve with a bit of storage, up to 3-4 weeks, eat within 6.

State Fair: This is a classic MN variety that is balanced, juicy and crisp. A great pie, sauce or eating apple. State Fair apples are lighter in color than William Pride, with hints of green on the skin. These are best to eat or process within 2-3 weeks.

Last year, the weather wasn't great and we weren't able to offer apples -- we couldn't be more excited that we were able to again this year.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think!

Pristine apples

William's Pride apples

State Fair apples

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