Brioche Brat Buns from Backwards Bread


Posted on Aug 22, 2020 by Jack McCann
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We've been offering heritage bread from Backwards Bread for a while now. Simple ingredients. Freshly baked. Delicious.

Now, in addition to the Organic Hearth Bread, Sourdough Bread and Pizza Crusts we've been offering, last month we started offering Brioche Buns for Brats and the feedback has been fantastic.

They are organic brioche buns, but are NOT sourdough like the rest of the bread offered.

  • They come 8 to a pack.
  • The 100% organic ingredients are: wheat, milk, egg, butter, sugar, yeast, salt

Simple ingredients. This will be a short article. There isn't a LOT to more to say. They are buns. We didn't even think to take a picture of them last month (which is why this page looks a little different than our other blog pages!) but we'll be sure to get a shot later. Trust us: They are great buns. Update: We’ve added a photo!

If you get our brats, do yourself a favor and add a pack or two of buns to your next delivery.

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