Since you're cooking at home

Now that you're cooking more at home, here are some great meal and kitchen tips and recipe ideas

Posted on Apr 25, 2020 by Jack McCann
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The main advice I have for loads of cooking at home is to keep things simple!


After so many meals in a row made at home, thinking of a new idea can be the hardest part.

We put together several months worth of meal plans last year many with short videos so you can get an idea of how the meal would come together.

Browse through those to see if any of those ideas strike your fancy right about now!

We've peppered some tips and tricks into those meal plans as well - so you may want to start at the oldest meal plan and work your way forward.

Don't make a meal for every meal

Who cares what fancy meals your friends post on social media?

There is no reason to make a full blown "meal" 21 times a week.

We try really hard to have lunches be as simple as possible. Simply cut up some good produce and add in some well-raised fats and protein.

Here's a recent lunch I made in about 4 minutes. Notice there are not plates. I just leave everything on the cutting board and have fewer dishes to manage.

Keep it simple!

The key to making these kinds of meals fast is to have a sharp knife. If your knife can't effortlessly cut an orange or red-pepper, you need to get a real sharpener and keep those knifes sharp.

Click the knife image for some recommendations.

Cook ahead

Don't make dishes that will feed your household for just one or even two meals.

As much as possible, make several days worth of food at once and freeze at least half of it. Then pull out something from a few weeks ago to get more variety back into your week's schedule.

Seriously, I can't tell you how much time this saves. It is just as easy to triple the sauce batch and freeze the extras. Even if you are going to make the rest of the stir fry or other items fresh in the future.

Very few recipes don't freeze well - don't try items with cream based sauces. However, butter sauces work fantastic. Here are a few recipes that work well (click images to view)



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