TC Farm Organic Salad Mix

Add some greens to your next TC Farm delivery. Cut to order, these couldn't be more fresh!

Posted on Apr 23, 2020 by Jack McCann
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Aquaponics and Hydroponics

I've always been uncomfortable with any sort of greens grown without soil under traditional organic methods. This has been due to a lack of transparency; I never trusted what kind of inputs they were using or if I really wanted them in my food.

Hydroponic and aquaculture have recently caused quite the debate in the organic world. Should hydroponic systems which are avoiding the synthetic chemicals I was worried about be allowed to get organic certification?

I can see both sides of the debate, but as a consumer advocate, I think it is important to distinguish between clean and well run systems and those without any restrictions on the inputs used.

Clean and Organic

The greens we deliver are certified organic and are from the best aquaponic system in the world. They are part of the water filtration and nutrient cycle of the fish. Having a closed system like this is a fantastic win-win for the environment.

Fresh and Long Lasting

Typically the organic greens you get in a grocery are grown far away and are already a week old before you eat them.

Working with Superior Fresh, our greens will be cut to order and delivered the day before our monthly deliveries start - so they'll be super fresh and tasty.

Expect these to last in your fridge quite a bit longer than regular grocery store greens!

Order TC Farm Salad (and Fish)!

You can add the Salad and/or Fish samplers to your next delivery by logging into your account.

What's included

The fish sampler will include some salmon as well as trout. Most of the trout is steelhead, which is very similar to salmon and can be cooked just the same. Some of you will get lucky and receive some rainbow trout to sample as well. Rainbow trout fillets are thinner and a bit more oily.

The salad mix is a great value, it will include a full pound bag of mixed baby salad greens which are grown in harmony with the fish (learn more).

Remember, you must log into your account to order these greens.

About the greens

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