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Picking up your food each month is easy peasy - see for yourself

Posted on Mar 25, 2020 by Andrew Koss
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Each month, we deliver our food to over 70 different pick-up sites across the Twin Cities. You just pick the location that is closest to you and we'll deliver it there.

Deliveries are the second Wednesday and Thursday of each month. Some of the pick up sites are on Wednesday, some are on Thursday. We split the days because we have a lot of deliveries to do and couldn't do them all the same day.

Most of the pick ups are from around noon to 7PM.

There are no lines. There's no need to interact with anybody else. There's nobody around to "check you out".

We'll send you emails or texts letting you know the times for your pickup location. And also send you a reminder on your pickup day when the food is ready to be picked up.

If you've never picked up from us before or been a part of a CSA, you're probably wondering what a pickup is like. Wonder no more. It is EASY.

Some Tips for Your First Time Picking Up

Even if you've been a member for a while, there might be a tip or two in here that you didn't know about!

  • The food and eggs are are stored in insulated coolers. We've put ice cubes in these in the morning on 95ยบ days during our farm tours and by the afternoon none of the ice has melted even a little. So yeah, they're pretty insulated.
  • Show up at the pickup address on your pickup day during the hours of the pickup window. (Usually between noon and 7PM but some sites might deliver a little sooner.)
  • We'll send you a reminder email or text once all the deliveries have been completed.
  • Pickups are hosted by families in their back yards or porches. There is no need to knock or greet anybody. In fact, please don't. :)
  • Grab your boxes from the cooler and then put a check or your initials in the box on the check sheet next to your name.
  • Find your name on the check sheet. It will remind you how many boxes to take and how many cartons of eggs.
  • The check sheet will also have a number by your name that matches the number on the cooler. So if you see "86" on the check sheet, that means your boxes are in the cooler with the number "86" on it.
  • Be sure to zip those coolers shut when you are done. They amazing but not magic. The can't insulate as well if they aren't zipped.
  • If you are late or miss your pickup (it is rare but it happens) be sure to call or email the host family contact directly. We include their information in every pickup notice we send as well as on the home page of your member portal. I mean you could call or email us, too. But we'll just be getting in touch with the host family and playing telephone tag. It's much easier for you to let them know directly. Trust us.

(This is what the check sheet will look like. Just so you know.)

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