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Posted on Sep 27, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Genetics Matter

If you want the very best food, the genetics matter. This is as true for carrots as it is for pork.

Our regular pork is a mix of heritage breeds, typically some of the famous Red Wattle mixed with Berkshire. These are SO much better than the grocery store breeds which focus on those 'pink' pigs or if you're lucky an ultra-modern Duroc they claim is 'heritage'.

At TC Farm, we also focus on breed preservation and the American Forest Hog provides some of the best tasting pork due to the special care it requires.

As a lard breed, we hand-feed every day to prevent excessive fat and to encourage flavorful slow growth.

It takes over twice as long to raise a Forest Hog, which will provide half as much food as our regular heritage mixed pork!


The flavor from our Forest Hogs is completely different. The fat is delicate and unbelievably good, the meat is rich and red in color.

Since the ground pork is a little fatty for normal use, we've taken special care to make a Forest Hog version of our 48 hour smoked pork and rosemary brats. These are going to be amazing this year!

As usual, the bacon is out of this world.

New this year, we've also added some smoked back fat (lardo) which may be included in some of the packages. You'll be lucky to get some - cook it up like bacon and fry some veggies in the fat - I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

Try today

These packages sell out every year -- I wish we could raise more, but they are a lot of extra work and take a lot of extra dedication!

If you're a member, log-in now and add them to your order today - Search for 'Forest' to find the options quickly.

If you'd like to join TC Farm, fill out the preferences below and let us know that you'd like to get an available Forest Hog package recommended as part of your first order.

Today we're running a promo where you'll even get a discount on your first package!

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