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Posted on May 08, 2019 by Jack McCann
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Lunch Gear

We pack a lunch nearly every day for our kids and they love it.

They key making this work on hectic mornings is:

  • Veggies and fruit ready from our weekend prep work
  • Healthy deli meats, cheese or hard boiled eggs ready to go
  • The right gear is critical to avoid all the waste.

Here is what you'll need for fast and FUN lunches:

  1. Silicone muffin liners to keep foods separate
  2. Stainless Steel lunch boxes (5 compartment, or smaller 3 version)
  3. Small Thermos to keep things warm or cold (when we send items like mac and cheese, smoothie, or a warm pasta, we then use the smaller 3 compartment lunch box above for the veggies)

We also include these small cloth napkins everyday that we talked about in our 'stop using paper' blog post

At Home or Snacks

Here are the best silicone bags for snacks or leftovers around the house. (Dishwasher safe and way nicer than plastic). We've recommended them for years after trying several types/ They also have larger sizes for storing bigger items.

Lunch Bags

Obviously any lunch bag works, but since there seems to be an overwhelming number of options, I thought I'd share the ones we've used with success.

Lauren likes having the larger one because it allows her to keep her water bottle in the top (This keeps it together for lunch since her school has all the kids put the lunches in a cart at once and brings them to the lunch room waiting for the kids.)

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