The Allure of a Warm Garage

Just a cute story about life on the farm in winter

Posted on Jan 06, 2012 by Jack McCann
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We've dusted off some of our older entries from our old blog and added them back to our website. This one was originally published in 2012.

I opened the garage the other day so I could bring the welding machine to the barn yard area where we have our hay feeders setup for the winter. I needed to do some quick repairs and adjustments…. 

As the door was opening, I looked out across the driveway to the barn and saw a chicken and a barn cat running towards me as if their lives depended on it. The chicken was in the lead, but the cat quickly passed her (the hen must have just had a head start). The sight of a chicken in a full sprint is a rare sight since most are kept in such cramped conditions they can barely walk around – it also is something you probably have to see in order to truly enjoy the humor of.

Our cats are super sweet and really helpful in keeping field mice populations under control – but they are obsessed with our garage. I didn’t want the cat rummaging through our garage, so as she crossed the threshold of the garage, I scooped her up and carried her back to the barn – passing the chicken along the way who was still running for some reason.… Here is a photo of the cat as a kitten:

I left the cat by the barn in the futile hope that she would stay there (maybe the walk was an excuse to enjoy the nice January weather and pet a sweet purring cat, nobody knows for sure). As expected, the cat made a B-line back to the garage the moment I set her down.

What I hadn’t noticed was that apparently there was some sort of garage love potion in our water and the chicken had found a wonderful corner to sit down in as well.… So now I had a cat and a chicken both insistent that the garage was the place for them to be at the exact moment. I realized I needed to get the welder out first, so I could close the door and let them out via the side door.… Anyhow, a fun day watching the chicken and the cat race towards an unattainable glorious goal of visiting our garage for the afternoon.

Nice to see they the animals are able to find really enjoyable ways to live their life….

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